Evolution XPC OFC Pre-Jacketed 24 Pair 21.0mm Per Metre

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Evolution XPC OFC pre-jacketed multicore is designed for use in any audio application. Pre-jacketed and individually numbered cores significantly cut termination time while the extremely flexible construction make this the cable of choice for professional installation or mobile use.

Technical Specifications

  • Pair Conductor: 7 x 0.20mm Pure OFC copper
  • Insulation: 1.15mm Polyethylene
  • Screen: Aluminium foil 100% coverage
  • Drain: 7 x 0.20mm 24 AWG pure tinned copper
  • Pair Jacket: Supple grey PVC Din spaced numbers 3.0mm
  • Overall Jacket: Flexible matt black abrasion-resistant PVC
  • Operating Temp: -20℃ - +70℃
  • Capacitance: 96pF/m core to core 181pF/m core to screen


  • 24AWG OFC conductors
  • 2-48 pairs
  • 100% shielded
  • Durable black outer jacket


  • LSOH jacket
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